On Air Personalities (IFD)

Who is Mo

Country boy from the backwoods of North Carolina turned city slicker.My southern roots fuel who I am today. Like to think I received the best of both worlds. Country values and City smarts Naturally a great listener and equally as good a talker. Money motivated and driven to become extremely successful! Major thinker with big dreams and idea’s. Risk taker. (Love to gamble) Blackjack anyone??? Avid ESPN and CNN News watcher yet I HATE the media. My favorite phrases are ‘Absolutely and Absolutely NOT!’


Sports Fan and Blogger, Cold Beer Drinker, Entrepreneur, Virtually Automatic When In The Zone, Sh*t Always Working Sometimes, Living Legend, Reputation Expanding Faster Than The Universe, About To Flex The Matrix, The One, And He’s Beginning To Believe


A slave to the rhythm, Steve bka (BreezeDBL) is responsible for providing the smoove grooves that drive the show. He also serves as the show’s audio engineer and produces the BreezeDBL Fully Disclosed Mix. Steve has been involved in the music industry (production and artist management) for over 24 years and is a member of the renowned production camp Backroom Music Production synonymous with classic club artist Jomanda & Ruffneck feat. Yavahn.

“Music soothes the savage beast”